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The Werewolf Syndicate is an evil organization dedicated to the continuing existence of their race. They serve as villains in the horror comedy adventure show Big Wolf On Campus. While this seems honorable, they always look for new members and don't take no for an answer, especially from Tommy Dawkins. There motives are to force Tommy against his will to create other werewolves as they are unable to.

At one point they go as far as to brainwash Tommy into biting people. Unfortunately the person Tommy bites is his love interest, Lori Baxter, who attempts to take over the Syndicate by taking out their unnamed leader. She defeats the leader and takes over with a lust for power. Tommy is forced to cure and defeat Lori, and as the result takes over the syndicate. However he decides to step down, not being tempted by the evil of the syndicate.

Sometime after, the leader retakes his position, but soon is, along with his minions killed by a vampire that fed on werewolves blood. After the leader's death, his incompetent son takes over.

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