Now if you excuse me, someone's gonna get a-hurtin' from Merton.
~ Merton Dingle aka Werewolf Merton.
Looks the little puppy escapes from the pound. You're ready to run with the big dog, Lassie?
~ Werewolf Merton

Werewolf Merton is the rogue werewolf alter-ego of Tommy Dawkins' best friend Merton Dingle and the main antagonist of the episode "The Boy Who Tried Wolf" of Big Wolf on Campus.

He was portrayed by Danny Smith who plays Merton Dingle throughout the series and was best known for have written, produced, and sang the show's theme song. During the show, the character Merton tries writing a song, and actually writes the show's theme (albeit with one or two words changed).

It was a case of wolfadontia gone bad when Tommy's wisdom fang gets pulled, but penetrates the skin of Merton's hand. Merton is very excited about the prospect of being a werewolf since the last encounter with the evil bookmobile-driving librarian, and only pretends to be taking wolfsbane. Since oregano has never been a cure for lycanthropy, Merton becomes a werewolf on midnight of the full moon.

As always seems to be the case when given any amount of power, Merton's lycanthropy quickly goes to his head. He howls loudly when out on the full moon and walks through the school flocked by two girls at all times.

Later, after evading the traps of the monster hunter Dimitri, Tommy goes up against his own best friend Merton in a werewolf fight. Though his Wolf Fu abilities may or may not be equal as Werewolf Tommy's, the evil Werewolf Merton resorts to fighting dirty when he replied "You know what's nice about being evil, Tommy? There's no guilt in cheating". He does this using a orb full of condensed silver nitrate vapor to weaken Tommy before blowing the vapor away with his breath and later beating him up. Even though he becomes a permanent werewolf, Lori got him to change back when she offers herself up for him to bite and werewolf antibodies from the wolfsbane she took take effect under false pretenses that she desires to become an evil werewolf again. Merton returned to his good human self once more.