The Weremole is a legendary, animalistic mole-like creature and the titular main antagonist of the episode "Night of the Weremole" of Courage the Cowardly Dog.


The Weremole, though nothing else known about this, is a vicious mole that might be the only creature being called or is the only one of it's kind called "Weremoles", and it is simply on the prowl attacking it's prey which is simply both rabbits and humans.

In "Night of the Weremole", the Weremole came to the outskirts of the town of Nowhere, Kansas, and it killed and ate an innocent rabbit without warning and it bites the kind-hearted Muriel Bagge's hand while she was trying to feed the rabbit. Then she turned into a weremole because of the hand-biting. Eustace thinks there's mice in the house. Courage talks to the computer about how Muriel is a mole creature. Computer told Courage he has a weremole.

They come out in the full moon and they've got a taste for rabbits and people. And if you're bitten by a weremole you become one yourself. The cure to turn a cursed weremole back into a human is to get a little hair from the mole that bit you.

Courage goes outside in a rabbit costume and the weremole bites Courage and it shows that dogs are immune to turn into weremoles. Eustace Bagge tries to hit Muriel the weremole with his mallet, but keeps missing. Courage got out of his rabbit costume and the weremole continued to bite Courage's rabbit costume. Courage carefully got a piece of his hair. Courage drops the hair in Muriel's mouth and Muriel begins to choke and go back to her old self. Dr. Vindaloo turned into a weremole after he got bitten by Muriel when she turned into one. Dr. Vindaloo grabs Eustace in his jaws and Eustace fights him in the basement.

The weremole was also seen in "Ball of Revenge" when it joined forces with the other villains gathered by the jealous Eustace Bagge to attack Courage.  However Courage screamed loudly which caused a big chasm to open up causing the weremole to fall to its death along with the other villains.


Attack of the Weremole

The attack of the Weremole!

Wild and savage, the Weremole seeks only to feed on rabbits or humans in a gruesome tearing-and-shaking fashion. Once bitten by a weremole, the victim will mutate into one as well. They take on the hairy and violent characteristics of their attacker, as well as the inhumane nature. The only known cure is if they are fed a strand of hair from their infecting mole. However, this only works on humans and rabbits. When Courage was bitten by the weremole, he did not become one himself because he is a dog. The weremole's effects have been proven ineffective, therefore, Courage is impervious to this (although he still hates getting thrashed about).



  • When Courage was bitten by a Weremole he is immune to this (although he still does not like getting thrashed about) because he is a canine and the Weremole's characteristics and transformation effects cannot work on canine animals (such as dogs and wolves).
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