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Were-Skunk is the name of a character who appears only in the episode "Skunked". He sprays Rigby, turning him into a Were-Skunk, as well as making him smell horrendous. He serves as the main antagonist in "Skunked". In the end, he turns back into a human after being hit by tomato paste which is the cure for becoming a Were-Skunk. He was originally a human being, but he then became infected by skunk stench and became an arrogant brutal skunk creature with powerful strength. Despite having a cabin as a house, he was sleeping on the road before, most likely because it is his preferred place to sleep on. He wanted Rigby to be just like him to share his suffering and befriend him while being hated by other people. He lied to Rigby about pineapple juice being the cure. After Rigby smashed open a can of tomato paste that splattered the entire kitchen, he and Rigby were reverted to normal, and he said "thank you" and dropped on the floor. Nonetheles, Mordecai and Rigby still decided to count him as a skunk even though he's a half-human.


  • "You think you can just walk up to a guy broad daylight and mug him without him fighting back?"
  • "I was taking a nap!"
  • "So because you thought I was dead you thought you got a bingo?"
  • "What kind of sick game is that?"
  • "You!?"
  • "It's not pineapple juice."
  • "I was just stallin' ya so you would run out of time."
  • "Oh, I'm a jerk?"
  • (after returning to a human) ""
  • "It's too late! He's MY friend now!"
  • "Don't worry. Once you're like me, you'll never wanna switch back."