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Were-Rats were a horror-based monster appearing in "Suspense".
The were-rats established a complex underneath a small city and hunted for new members. At some point, Ellen became a were-rat and became the sweetheart of a man called Jim.
Ellen faked being kidnapped by the were-rats when she and Jim were investigating strange footprints in her cellar. Jim clambered after the were-rats through small tunnels littered with human skulls until finally emerging in the were-rats' darkened underground city. He was shocked to see the size of the place and hid from the were-rats, but overheard them talking of the female human "captive," as well as the limitations of the were-rats' continuation. Emboldened by this information, Jim searched for Ellen, soon finding her apparently bound in chains. Were-rats suddenly descended and offered Jim the choice to be torn apart by them or to voluntarily be bitten and transformed forever into a were-rat. Jim agreed only if they freed Ellen, to which they quickly agreed. However, Ellen then transformed into her were-rat form and bit him.

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