The Wendigo (Wendigo)

The Wendigo

The Wendigo is an evil spirit and the titular main antagonist of the 2001 horror film of the same name. Unlike the mythical monster however, this Wendigo was more of a spiritual monster akin to a demon and had a corruptive influence throughout the film (though much of the antagonism of the film came from a human hunter): near the end of the film we get a glimpse of the Wendigo when it attacks the hunter and kills him, unlike the hairy sasquatch-like creature usually associated with the Wendigo this version took the form of a stag-headed humanoid that moved like a ghost and was supernaturally fast and invulnerable to conventional harm.

According to a Native American in the movie, the Wendigo is neither good nor evil as he says "no spirit between heaven and earth is bad but some spirits are to be feared, for some spirits are angry...".


  • It was portrayed by James Godwin.