Wendell (Sofia the First)

Wendell Fidget (full name: Wendell Herman Fidget III) is a hypnotic, young wizard and a minor antagonist of the Season 2 episode "Minimus is Missing", which is an episode of "Sofia the First". He is a young wizard who uses a lute of hypnosis to attract and capture winged horses in a cage.


Wendell is widely a greedy wizard who likes to collect horses for his birthday. However, Wendell is given a lute instead, which he doesn't really like. Wendell began attracting the winged horses in the cage. The winged horses wouldn't listen to Sofia, Amber, and James riding on Jasper, Onyx, and Opal, since all are attracted to the tune of Wendell.

In the Hanging Gardens, Wendell captured all the horses for his birthday present. There, Sofia, James, and Amber convince him to free all the horses, but Wendell refuses to do so. Wendell is also very despicable for capturing two griffins Jasper and Opal. After Wendell finished singing his song, Amber got a fig to stop Wendell while Sofia and James tried to free all the horses. Wendell attempted to bring back all the horses to his cage, but the lute was completely broken. After Minimus and one of the horses freed Jasper and Opal, Sofia broke the lute to stop the hypnosis. Suddenly, Wendell's mum arrived to ask why her son is bothering Sofia, Amber, James, and the griffins.

Wendell asks his mother why he doesn't like the lute for his birthday. His mother tells him that it is very suspicious to steal all the horses and Wendell should enjoy the birthday gift. Suddenly, Wendell is grounded by his mother for his suspicious and notorious behavior.

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