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Junior Wetworth is a character from The Snorks. He used to be vicious in seasons 1 and 2, but managed to redeem himself in seasons 3 and 4.

Villainous Acts

  • "Which Snork Snitched?": Uses a parrot to help him cheat. 
  • "Snork Marks the Spot": Probably him crossing the Moral Event Horizon; when the gang finds a map, everyone assumes it's a treasure map, so Junior draws a new one and swaps it with the real one. The fake one leads to huge danger, thus Junior was trying to kill them for his own desire.
  • "Junior's Secret": Tries to steal his turtle back from baby Smallstar.
  • "Junior's Octopuppy": Disowns his new Octopuppy for saving Allstar. 
  • "The Whole Toot and Nothing But the Toot": Makes fun of Tooter and purposely tries to make him feel bad.
  • "The Shape of the Snorks to Come": In the future, it shows him running the town strictly and imprisoning anyone who says Allstar's name for years.
  • "Junior's Empire": Bribes the other students into making him class president then he throws whoever protests him in the dungeon.


  • "In Junior's Image" Tries to be nice to his friends in order to stay home, despite the fact that he was still being a little rude.
  • "The Wizard of Ice": Decides to save his friends rather than keep his money.
  • "The Day They Fixed Junior Wetworth": Gives Casey tickets to an amusement park for her birthday.'


When Junior was 6 years old, he was very shy and a big pushover. A bully took advantage of that and made him do his homework for him. Allstar, taking pity on Junior, teaches him how to be more assertive and stand up for himself. However, when Junior found out he could defend himself, it went to his head, then he became less friendly with Allstar and his friends.

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