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"Weegee" is an internet meme and a powerful being superficially resembling Luigi.


Weegee's design is based on the bizarre character sprite of Luigi from the DOS Version of the obscure educational Mario game "Mario is Missing". The sprite was notable for its large eyes and an eerie stare. This was first pointed out by LUElinks user MonkeyInTheCloset, who also created the Weegee vector which would become his most well-known design. Weegee's bizarre design helped launch it as a meme with an entire fandom revolving around it. Weegee is commonly photoshopped into pictures of people looking startled and terrified.

Personality and Powers

Weegee is typically portrayed as a villain who wants to take over all of existence, and he is known to have a vast evil army called the Weegee Grand Army. He is immensely powerful and has full control over said army.

Weegee's most commonly-accepted power is the ability to turn people into clones of himself simply by making eye contact with them. This ability is typically known as the "Weegee Stare" or the "Weegee Virus".

In some action-oriented Youtube Poops, notably those by Achille12345, Weegee sometimes clashes with opponents of similar power to himself who are immune to the Virus. In those situations, Weegee will typically battle by firing energy beams and projectiles from his eyes. He also occasionally displays various abilities like flight and superhuman strength and durability.

One of the rarer, yet commonly-accepted power is that he is biologically immortal.



  • The name "Weegee" is derived from an English mistranslation of the name "Luigi", as well as Luigi's own pronounciation of his name.
  • Weegee is often portrayed as the rival of the Tails Doll due to their similar origins, abilities and popularity.