Wicked Wedgie Woman

Ms. Tara Ribble/Wedgie Woman

Ms. Ribble is George and Harold's teacher in the Captain Underpants books. In Captain Underpants and the Wrath of the Wicked Wedgie Woman, she is the main antagonist.


After sadistically lowering George and Harold's grades to an "F" and a "G", they hypnotize her in order to make her forget about it, but, not knowing that the hypno-ring they used has an opposide effect on females, they told her NOT to become Wedgie Woman, a supervillain from one of the boys' comic book, they accidentally turned her into Wedgie Woman. After the events of this book, she becomes a much nicer teacher. Ms. Ribble's favorite ice cream flavor is chunky tofu, as revealed in the fifth book. She also almost marries Mr. Krupp, but refuses because he has a "silly nose" (Ironically, they have the same nose). She made a appearance in the 6th book and becomes sick. She doen't appear in books 7 and 8. She Appeared in the 9th book at a meeting with Mr. Krupp and Mr. Fyed. Her name is a pun. Ms. Ribble is a pun on "miserable" while Tara Ribble is a pun on "terrible." She is also responsible for the creation of two giant robots based on the appearances on George Beard and Harold Hutchins, known as Robo-George and the Harold 2000.

Wedgie Woman - A villain originally created by George and Harold who was based on their teacher, Ms. Ribble. After a second mishap with the 3D Hypno-Ring the real Ms. Ribble becomes convinced that she really is Wedgie Woman - at first she has no superpowers, but after her hairstyle gets splattered with the superpower juice from the third book her hair transforms into arms and she gains super-intelligence.