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is a minor villain exclusively in the Digimon Xros Wars manga.


Weddinmon is an Unknown Level Digimon that resembles a wedding cake. She also has a secondary form when she absorbs her Shortmon, and Candlemon minions; Reverse Weddinmon.

Reverse Weddinmon

In this form, Weddinmon resemebles an upside-down version of herself. 

Digimon Xros Wars (manga)

Weddinmon is a member of the Bagra Army. She serves as one of the Generals. Weddinmon puts her best efforts to hinder progress of Xros Heart. With the help of Lilithmon, Weddinmon was able to DigiXros into Reverse Weddingmon. Despite having an increase with her power, Weddinmon ends up being defeated by Xros Heart. She eventually saw the error of her ways and joins their Xros Heart by the time they leave the Rain Zone


As Reverse Weddinmon

  • Crazy Cracker
  • Fork Dance
  • Candle Service Inferno



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