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Weasel is the lieutenant of the Mafia in the 2003 incarnation of the animated TV series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He lead a group of mobsters to break into Tyler's house and kidnapped Tyler and his mom after Tyler's mom had a tape that contains enough info to put a local crime boss behind bars. Since Tyler's mom is a reporter, she plans to use the tape to become famous and rich. Weasel and his men planned to rub them out so they haul them into a limo but Tyler's mom gave the tape to her son and told him to run. Tyler kicked Weasel in the shin and ran away. Weasel and his men found Tyler hiding in the dumpster but Raph interfered and beats Weasel's men. Raph agrees to help the kid and they set off for the warehouse where the mobsters are holding Tyler’s Mom. Before they get to the warehouse, Raph and Tyler are jumped by a group of mobsters lead by Weasel. During the fight, Weasel throws a flash grenade and Raphael is blinded. They manage to elude the gangsters, and break into the warehouse and confront the mobsters. No sooner do Raph and Tyler enter the building then they're meet by Weasel and his cronies. The gangster, knowing Raph has been blinded, thanks the Turtle for bringing Tyler right into their arms. Soon, the huge mob boss arrives, removes his coat and attacks Raphael. As the thug move in, Tyler starts shouting directions to Raph. The boss orders the boy to be silenced, and Weasel grabs Tyler and covers his mouth. Fortunately Tyler is able to bite Weasel's hand and free himself. Quickly shouting out instructions that allow Raphael to win the fight against the criminal leader. Tyler then grabs Raph's hand and leads him behind some crates. The child tells the ninja to push over the boxes, which Raphael does - creating a huge roadblock that gives the pair time to complete their mission.

The mobsters dig through the rubble. Raph rubs his eyes and discovers that his sight has returned. The ninja moves around the fallen debris and sneaks up behind Weasel, tapping the annoying crook on the shoulder. The gangster turns and taunts the ninja, unaware that he can now see. Raph comments on the thug's ugly tie - and the villain realizes - too late - that his enemy is no longer blinded. Raphael grabs Weasel by the coat lapels and tosses him into the fallen crates and then departs.

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