Weasel & Ape, real names unknown, are two prison guards who capture Pedro and Scott Tyler when they arrive in Italy. Weasel & Ape are two overweight, sadistic, brutal gaolers who abuse Pedro and Scott - Scott most of all because he refuses to do anything they want to, he just takes their beatings and anger and lies in his cell. Pedro has been used to abuse all his life so he just accepts it. Weasel & Ape are the names Pedro gives the guards and giving them insulting names makes Pedro feel better and helps him recuperate.

The two guards immediately capture Pedro and Scott and throw them in jail, leaving them to fester and give them stale bread and rotten water each day. Soon the two men come for Scott and drag him out to meet their boss Jonas Mortlake. Scott is converted to sadism and evil and given the Sadistic Choice between obedience to the Old Ones or slavery for life. Scott chooses luxury.

Because Jonas wanted proof Scott was listening, he gets Scott to order Pedro's small finger broken, which Weasel & Ape come in to break the finger, and Pedro is afraid they would come back to break a bone a day but soon he realizes they have only been asked to break the finger. He heals himself though with his powers.

Weasel & Ape are shown to have originally been policemen and they plunder their victims, Weasel has an expensive gold watch far too expensive for a gaoler. But Pedro stumbles against Weasel and takes his pocket knife, and uses it to pick the lock of his cell.

Pedro escapes, when nobody is looking, and Weasel is the first man he meets. Pedro has a chance for revenge, so he knees Weasel in the groin, and just to be sure, Pedro kicks him round the jaw. Weasel is possibly dead, and Ape is alerted by the commotion and sends men out to get Pedro, which he fails to do.