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 Wayne Lovett is the primary antagonist of the Australian sitcom All Together Now. He is played by comedian Bruno Lucia.


Wayne Lovett, self-proclaimed "Agent to the Stars," is the manager of naïve musician (and series protagonist) Bobby Rivers (played by Jon English.) Wayne relies on Bobby's naïve nature for a lot of his schemes, which usually involve taking an unreasonably large percentage of Bobby's earnings.

Wayne has also been known to resort to dishonest tactics to increase his own bank balance, even on one occasion going as far as to fake Bobby's death (without Bobby's knowledge) in an effort to increase his popularity.

Wayne is also known for his frequent failed attempts at winning the affections of Bobby's housemate, Tracey Lawson (Rebecca Gibney.)

A recurring character in the series is Wayne's nephew, Sam. Wayne is shown to be neglectful of his nephew, who is often temporarily left under his care by Sam's unseen mother.


  • "Yo, beautiful people!" - (on entering).
  • "Chicky babe...." - (when addressing someone female, usually Tracey)
  • "Wayne Lovett, Agent to the Stars." - (when introducing himself)
  • "Stay beautiful!" - (when leaving.)

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