Now I will make you both into statues! And put you near a car wash! Hahahahahahaha!
~ Waylon Jeepers

Waylon Jeepers is a recurring villain from the cartoon series Freakazoid!. He is a creepy little pale man dressed in a long gray robe and a hat, with a passionate interest in the mystical and the occult. Originally from Venice Beach, California, he was banished from the town for being "too strange". According to the narrator, "this should tell you something". He currently lives in Washington, where he has an upstairs neighbor lady who constantly complains about Jeepers' loud sorcery rituals. He is voiced by prolific voice actor Jeff Bennett.

Jeepers first appeared in the pilot episode, in which the narrator introduces him, only to have Freakazoid yelling at him for being a sinister jerk with no job. His most important appearance was in the episode "Statuesque". Here, he is seen experimenting with the creation of a supernatural Medusa Watch, which could harness the energy of the ancient Gorgons to allow him to petrify his enemies. One of his earlier attempts resulted in a watch which would turn beavers into gold. Later, he finally succeeded in making one which could turn people (and pigeons) into solid stone.

Before Jeepers could carry on his plans, Freakazoid saw him turning pigeons to stone and promptly started yelling at Jeepers, citing the above-mentioned beavers incident, and telling Jeepers to get a regular job, before finally confiscating his watch. To get revenge on Freakazoid and retrieve his watch, Jeepers buys a book from the local Sorcery Barn library called How to Summon Monsters: The E-Z Way and manages to summon the Lovecraftian entity known as Vorn the Unspeakable, who helps Jeepers defeat Freakazoid and turn Freakazoid's girlfriend Steph into a statue. Jeepers and Vorn escape and fly over to Jeepers' old hometown of Venice Beach, California. They end up being tracked by Freakazoid, Sgt. Cosgrove and Prof. Jones, and both are sent to jail, were their attempts to recruit a mob keep failing as they are both so creepy they scare off any potential members.


  • His name is most likely a reference to country singer Waylon Jennings.