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(Defenders II#7 (fb) - BTS) - Little is known of the Wayfinder's purpose. It is referred to on ancient scrolls that Doctor Stephen Strange had studied.

(Defenders II#6 - BTS) - The Bloodraven Cult of Sky-Island managed to set off a mystic bomb that would summon the Wayfinder to the world.

(Defenders II#7) - The massive Wayfinder appeared in an extra-dimensional portal, noting the new world it was in and prepared to pave the way through it. Doctor Strange drove the Wayfinder back with the Bolts of Balthakk while the Bloodravens held off the other Defenders, Red Raven, and the people of Sky-Island. When Strange's spells proved elusive to him, he called on his fellow heroes to use force against the Wayfinder to drive the beast back. Red Raven, however, steered Sky-Island itself into the rift, plugging it up.

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