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Watinga also called Fly Assault Game's Boss, is a robotic insectoid creature and the final boss in Mario Paint. It later returned in games like Super Mario Maker and WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!, serving as the same boss of Mario Paint.


In the game "Gnat Attack", the player must pass through three stages hitting all the 100 enemies with a fly swatter until Watinga appears and attacks the player. The player must continuously hit Watinga and avoid its missile attacks and poison gas until Watinga finally collapses and explodes. The player must fight Watinga three times to complete the game.


Watinga resembles a mechanical gnat, it has two arms and two yellow eyes whose colors changes when the player attacks it. It also has two antennas.


Super Mario Maker - Secret Mario Paint Fly Swatting Game! (Easter Eggs)01:51

Super Mario Maker - Secret Mario Paint Fly Swatting Game! (Easter Eggs)

Mario Paint (SNES) - "Gnat Attack" Speedrun - 4-2804:44

Mario Paint (SNES) - "Gnat Attack" Speedrun - 4-28

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