Hate's great! Best villain!
~ The Watchdogs Army's war cry.

The name "Watchdog" refers to an anthropomorphic being with a big eyeball on its head. They work for Lord Hater and are responsible for conquering every planet. They appear in the TV series, Wander Over Yonder. The most notable members are Peepers and Westley.


The Watchdogs are short creatures with eyeballs attached to their heads. Though these creatures lack mouths or define feature to save for a single cyclops, their eyeballs have red irises and black pupils inside. Like their worker Lord Hater, they and Peepers have a single lightning bolt on their helmets. They are all dressed in black and red uniform.

Known Members

  • Commander Peepers: General of Watchdogs, scientist and Hater's second-in-command. He were also in Hater's post during a time when he let the conquests and went with Emperor Awesome in order to be a "cool guy".
  • Ted from Accounting: Accountant in Hater's empire until, in a game of tag when Hater had been tagged by Wander, that accidentally tagged him and become an independent conqueror.
  • Watchdog Scientist: Scientist in Hater's Empire and inventor of HT-125-F, which were considered by Sylvia as a WMD and resulted be a thermoregulatory for Hater's jacuzzi.
  • Private Westley: Private in Hater's army until he was redeemed by Wander and Sylvia and faked his death.


Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Spanish (Latin America) Furiogardia Pun on furioso (furious) and guardia (guard)
Swedish Vakthund Pun on vakt (guard) and hund (dog)