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The Watchdog Scientist is a Watchdog that works as a scientist for the Hater Empire.


Althought he looks the same as the other Watchdogs, he has a huge single-eye-glass over his eye, and also wears a lab coat.


He appears first in episode "The Big Job", where Wander and Sylvia join the Insurgent Generals, a rebel team set out to stop Lord Hater's latest scheme. According to Insurgent Generals leader; General Outrage, the Watchdog Scientist was developing a supossed diabolical invention, the HT-125-F, that was considered by Sylvia as a weapon of massive destruction. However, it results it was just a thermoregulatory for Hater's jacuzzi.

Later, he appears in episode "The Hole...Lotta Nuthin" modifying mechanically Hater's right arm after he lost it.

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