Wasp is a former autobot recruit who used to bully Bulkhead and Bumblebee during their days on Cybertron. He was then framed by Shockwave as a deception spy and was kicked out from the autobots, resulting in obsession with taking revenge on Bumblebee and losing his sanity. Later, he is mutated by Blackarachnia to become Waspinator.


Wasp was once a autobot recruit that has a similar built to Bumblebee but was far meaner and a bully. He repeately pulled pranks on Bumblebee and Bulkhead, even allowing Ironhide to remove Bumblebee's lower legs and stuff him into a closet. Later when Bumblebee asked Longarm (a disguised Shockwave) for help, he was unaware that he was going to be framed for being a decepticon spy. As a result, Sentinel Prime removed Wasp's autobot insignia. But not before Wasp swears revenge on Bumblebee.

Many years later, Wasp somehow arrived to Earth being wanted by Sentinel Prime and his group, still thinking he's a spy. During this time he somehow gone less sane and talks in third person and his eyes gone purple. He assumed a earth vehicle form similar to Bumblebee and later arrived at the Autobot base when Bumblebee was alone. Bumblebee then tried to explain the whole situation that Shockwave framed him, but Wasp didn't care and assaults him to then swift helmet and paint job to take his place. The autobots arrived back at the base and believed that Wasp was Bumblebee and when Sentinel ordered his men to arrest Bumblebee (disguised as Wasp), he failed as Bumblebee escaped while the other Autobots followed. While they were gone again, Wasp tried to do the same activities but didn't go well and he then tried to get Bumblebee's memories. Eventually, the Autobots arrived back to check who is who after Bulkhead found out that Bumblebee is just disguised. Sentinel still suggested to arrest whoever it's Wasp or not until Bulkhead suggest to have a test, playing the videogame. After realizing he can't play, Wasp revealed himself and takes Bumblebee hostage, stating he was always a good bot. But Bulkhead tells him he was always mean to him and Bumblebee and was never a good bot. Enraged, Wasp shut off the lights and escapes, shredding his disguise.

The next appearence, Wasp was still on the loose but escaped during a argument between Optimus and Sentinel. He was then brought in to BlackArachnia for an offer which he accepted. He was placed into a machine to combine his DNA with a real wasp. But when Sentinel arrived, a mutated Wasp burst out of the malfunctioning machine, now calling himself Waspinator. When he was finally tracked down by Bumblebee, who apologized to him and wanted to be his friend, he decided that while "Wasp" forgave his former accuser, "Waspinator" preferred violent revenge. Before Waspinator could deliver the final blow, he overheard Blackarachnia admitting to the Autobots that she only viewed her new "friend" as another experimental attempt to cure her own organic infection. Irate at yet another betrayal, Waspinator started attacking everybody—and if that wasn't scary enough, his transwarp energy became unstable. Just as Waspinator reached critical mass, Blackarachnia sealed them both within a cocoon of her energy webbing, containing the explosion of transwarp energy.

However they survived the explosion and Waspinator, who was now blown apart was starting to repair himself declaring he has plans.