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A kind-hearted wasp monster. Waspicable was bullied by Sting King to be evil and as much as he tried he couldn't. He befriended Cassie and she felt compassion for the monster after realizing she hurt his feelings. When forced to destroy Cassie, Waspicable shot a Quantron beside her. Waspicable loved flowers and returned balloons to a little girl. Due to his kind heart, he was obviously spared from being destroyed by Zordon's energy wave in "Countdown To Destruction".

also last seen of Waspicable to during final battle with Bansheera & opened up in the Shadow World's Underground Tomb.

NOTE: Waspicable is a recolored version of Grumble Bee with a buck tooth and different wings added onto it.


Cassie with Waspicable (Power Rangers)

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