Wasp Mutant
Wasp Mutant (22) - A wasp monster that has a wasp's abdomen for a right hand. It can attack with the stinger on its right arm, shoot silk from its mouth, and go underground. Bilgenia persuaded the Gorgom High Priest to let Wasp Mutant fight Kamen Rider BLACK to avenge the Bee Mutant. The Gorgom Priests did this by targeting Professor Tsubota (whose project was secretly funded by Gorgom) and use his invention the Solar Beam Cannon to attack the city. Kamen Rider BLACK could not evade its attack when Bilgenia threatened to kill Professor Tsubota's son Umihiko (who had a psychic vision of Kamen Rider BLACK attacking his father). Bilgenia escaped and Umihiko is their prisoner. When Kamen Rider BLACK caught up with Gorgom, they sent him into the Mirror World through the mirror where he battled Wasp Mutant. Kamen Rider BLACK summoned the Road Sector who freed Professor Tsubota and broke the Mirror World. With Umihiko's help, he battled the Wasp Mutant and broke the stinger on his right arm and used the Power Stripes to get the silk off his face. He killed Wasp Mutant with the Rider Kick and used the Road Sector to destroy the Solar Beam Cannon.