Washington is one of the villains of the book and the 1975 Drama, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.

He was played by Nathan George.

One of the orderlies and Nurse Ratched's top henchman. He enjoys abusing and being mean to the patients just as much as Nurse Ratched and does the physical abuse of the patients whereas Nurse Ratched does the mental abuse mostly. When the patients try and defy Nurse Ratched and get on her bad side, she calls Washington and his assistants to punish the patients sometimes with really cruel punishments like electro shock and lobotomy. Like most villains towards heroes, Washington develops a real hatred towards McMurphy, the hero, and abuses McMurphy by telling him that he's not going anyway and that he's Nurse Ratched's forever.

When McMurphy and a few other patients stand up to Nurse Ratched, she calls Washington to get them and give them electro shock. McMurphy struggles with Washington, who holds McMurphy down viciously and tells him it's over McMurphy and then McMurphy fights him back but still gets beaten up and given electro shock. Later after when McMurphy throws a party at the instuition, the following morning Nurse Ratched orders Washington and his helpers to check if any of the patients are missing and tells her that Billy is missing. Upset Nurse Ratched demands to know where Billy is.

When McMurphy and Chief Bromden try to escape, Nurse Ratched orders Washington to stop them. He comes and tells McMurphy and Bromden to stop and get back in line with the other patients and noone will be hurt. McMurphy and Bromden reluctantly stop and Washington says for McMurphy to get back in line with the others and to take the chief with him. Towards the end of the movie when McMurphy attacks Nurse Ratched and almost kills her, he gets knocked out by Washington and is given a lobotomy.

It's assumed that even though he continued working like Nurse Ratched that he like Nurse Ratched lost power and control over the patients.