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Commandant Waruzu Giru (司令官ワルズ・ギル, Shireikan Waruzu Giru?) is the main antagonist of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger and young commander of the Zangyack invasion forces who is the emperor's son, thus attempting to earn his father's respect while showing himself as one of elite status. This gives him a paranoid attitude, making Waruzu Giru frequently hysterical when his missions are failures. He usually responds by erasing his mistakes to cover his tracks and lashing out at Damarasu. Eventually, Waruzu Giru learns of the Greatest Treasure the Gokaigers are looking for and believes it to be of little consequence, to the point of ignoring it to Damarasu's dismay. However, after an invasion he personally oversees is called off by his followers after a stray shot from Gokai Red wounds his left arm, a furious Waruzu Giru vows to kill the Gokaigers with extreme prejudice for his injury.

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