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Warrior is the giant Vault monster and the guardian of the Vault of the Warrior and the final boss of video game Borderlands 2 .

Warrior is the sentient biological super weapon created by Eridians, Handsome Jack first sees the Warrior in the vision he saw while in the Vault of the Sentinel, it showed him what the Warrior looks like and how to control it.

After Jack found out where is the Warrior he used his siren daughter to charge a vault key to awaken the Warrior,

After Jack's daughter died he killed Roland, one of the original Vault Hunters and kiddnaped his siren girlfriend, Lillith, Jack used Lillith to charge the vault key and take control of the Warrior, Jack ordered the Warrior to kill the vault hunters, Warrior was killed and shot by the Moonshot in the head killing him once and for all.


The Warrior is the giant lava monster which is similar to a dragon, it has a large head 4 eyes, a tail, and a giant mouth, it also has a weak spot on it's chest which is the only place he could be hurt.

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