10 to Midnight Warren Stacey Gene Davis Killer

Warren Stacy is the main antagonist of 10 to Midnight.

He was portrayed by Eugene M. Davis.

Role in the film

This drama mixes elements of police and slasher films. It portrays the homicidal behavior of Warren Stacy (Gene Davis), a young office equipment repairman who kills women after they reject his sexual advances.

Two Los Angeles police detectives, Leo Kessler (Charles Bronson) and Paul McAnn (Andrew Stevens), investigate his murders. Stacy avoids prosecution by constructing sound alibis and assaulting his victims while naked, thus minimizing evidence. This was before obtaining DNA evidence became possible.

McAnn refuses to go along when Kessler plants evidence in order to frame the suspect. Stacy goes on another rampage, killing three women who are friends with Kessler's daughter.

When he is caught, stark naked in the street, Stacy boasts how he will say all the things that will "prove" that he is crazy: he hears voices telling him to do things, etc., so that one day, he will be back on the sreet and Kessler, as well as the "whole f-----g world," will hear from him again. Kessler replies, "No, we won't!" He then shoots Stacy once in the forehead, executing him and leaving all other considerations aside. The film then ends with a birds-eye view of Kessler standing over the body, surrounded by police as the camera slowly zooms out.