The Cosmic Alliance Warp Monarch, also known as the Uofu Manafu, are the main antagonists of Chouseishin Gransazer. They are an interstellar government with various planets under them. Several millennia ago, they wiped out Earth's ancient civilizations to destroy the Bosquito. Despite succeeding in their job, Belzeus claimed that the humans are descended from the Bosquito in order to trick the Warp Monarch into finishing the global genocide they started long ago.

Known Members

Gig Fighters


The Gig Fighters are robots produced by the Warp Monarch to act as mechanical grunts. They are deployed from devices carried by Warp Monarch officials.

The Gig Fighters seem to possess basic combat and fighting skills, though they typically don't fare well against the Gransazers unless in large groups.

Gig Fighters are typically deployed to hold off the Gransazers while the Warp Monarch operative they are working under attempts to complete his or her mission, though they are also often used to guard prisoners or fulfill other tasks.