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Warlord Rok'nah is a character that appears in World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. He is a Mag'har orc and a high-ranking officer of the Horde, serving as the final boss of the Alliance version of the Theramore's Fall scenario.

During the Scenario

Rok'nar only appears during the end while Jaina Proudmoore is attempting to attune to the Focusing Iris. He calls Jaina a "Proudmoore wench" and orders his men to kill her and bring him the bomb. She rebukes him and calls him and his men cowards and makes threats against Garrosh Hellscream, provoking Rok'nah into a rage and promising to bring Garrosh Jaina's head. However, Rok'nah would ultimately fail after he is killed by Jaina and Alliance players.

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