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The Warlord is the main villain of the videogame Sengoku.


400 years ago, he unleashed his army of darkness upon the world in an attempt to conquer it, but he was slain by 2 legendary samurais. Before perishing, the Warlord left a prophecy, that he would be reborn in four hundred years, and together with the Ashura, a dark demonic deity. And when that happens they would rule the world. In the present day, the prophecy is fulfilled. The Warlord rises again along with his castle, summoning the evil spirits from the underworld to conquer the world of living, expecting Ashura to be born so that nobody would stop him.

Two mighty warriors from the present day (direct descendants of the two Samurais who slew the Warlord 4 centuries prior) are chosen to fight the evil Warlord and stop his plans. Helped by ancient spirits and going back and forth between human realm and netherworld, they fight the minions of the Warlord and ultimately invade his castle where they fight the Warlord to the death. The Warlord attempted to cajole the two warriors to serve him in exchange of having everything they could possibly want, but the two warriors ignored his offer and continue fighting him until he is killed. Although The Warlord is killed, the dark god Ashura was born from the body of the Warlord. After fierce and tough battle, Ashura is also vanquished and everything goes back to normal.