Warhead is the main villain and final boss from Vectorman.


In the year 2049, the pollution on Earth makes the planet uninhabitable, so the humans leave the planet to find other worlds to colonize, while leaving the Orbots to clean up the planet so it can be inhabitable again. The entire cleaning operation is oversaw by Raster, who controls everything through a worldwide computer network.

During a routinely maintenance, Raster's head is replaced with a nuclear missile, which immediately turns it insane. Renaming itself Warhead, he declares himself ruler of Earth and reprograms all robots in the planet to obey his orders, ordering them to build weapons to exterminate any humans who return to the planet. Vectorman, a Orbot which worked on waste disposal by dumping trash on the Sun returns from his last trip, only to find Earth under Warhead's control. Since he hadn't been reprogrammed yet and thus was still loyal to humans, Vectorman decides to fight Warhead's forces by himself to liberate the planet. Vectorman fights the brainwashed robots and confronts Warhead, destroying it and thus making the planet safe for the return of the humans.