Warden kuril

Warden Kuril

I do the hard things civil governments are unwilling to! This is for the good of the galaxy!
~ Warden Kuril attacking Shepard
Warden Kuril was a member of the Blue Suns mercenary group in charge of the prison ship known as Purgatory. Though a seemingly noble and well-intentioned individual, in actuality Warden Kuril was nothing more than a thug who bribed and blackmailed planets to allow him to "take care" of their criminals for a price, also frequently indulging in slave-trading.

Eventually, Commander Shepard was sent to retrieve one of the Warden's inmates: the incredibly violent and dangerous biotic criminal known only as "Jack". Though seemingly agreeing to consent to Shepard's removal of his prisoner, the Warden quickly decided that with the price on Shepard's head, the good commander would be more valuable to Kuril as another prisoner to be sold into slavery. Not about to go along quietly, Shepard and company fought their way through Purgatory and also freed Jack. The combined damage of the battle caused Purgatory to lose orbit and soon the very stability of the ship was at risk. Going mad as a result, Warden Kuril took to personally shooting down escaped inmates, raving about how his actions were "for the good of the galaxy". In the end he was killed by Commander Shepard and their allies.


  • As a blue-armored Turian sniper who claims to do what is "necessary" to stop criminals, Warden Kuril could almost be seen as a villainous version of Garrus Vakarian
  • He shares a voice actor with Saren Arterius (Fred Tatasciore)
  • In Turian culture, a Turian without any facial markings is viewed as untrustworthy. Lo and behold, the Warden is bare-faced.