~ Ward Rackley

Ward Rackley is the main antagonist of the episode "The Witches of East Arlen" of the King of the Hill series.


Ward is a nerd in, what it appears to be his 20s, that hangs out with a bunch of other nerd friends. He also lives with his mother and rides around on a bicycle. He also works in a movie shop for decent wage.


Ward seems to be a devoted leader of the Coven of Artemis. He often employs silly magical jargon when talking or complaining (when Bobby bumps into him, he grumbles, "for the love of Mordecai"). At one point he tried to get a very reluctant Bobby to drink blood from a dog in order to be accepted into the cult, although Ward and the other members of the cult had never actually done this ritual.


When Hank asked if he was 30 or 40 years old, he responded that he was actually five-thousand years old. He also told Hank he didn't want to waste his "seed" on a common Harlot and he said "When the time is right, a maiden will be delivered up to me. Probably from the East.".


Ward is first seen after Bobby bumps into him while he is working. Ward was surprised to see that Bobby is into cards and agrees to have Bobby come to his house after giving him a bag of potato chips. Ward introduces Bobby to his other friends and Bobby quickly grows to them. However, Ward's methods upset Hank and has an encounter at him. Hank warns Ward to stay away from Bobby but Ward isn't phased. Ward then says that Bobby must drink dog blood as part of a ritual. However, Bobby doesn't want to do it and Ward and his friends are forced to "destroy" Bobby. However, Bobby just laughs at them and leaves. Ward then decides to spill the dog blood in an overpass and is never seen again in the series.


  • Despite his antagonism in episode, He never trying least half forced bobby joined his so-called "cult" keep Bobby keep going to that "Cult", yet bobby join the cult because possibly of ongoing unfitted relationship of his father view on bobby's comedic obsession which maybe symbolic of bobby's free will to love his comedy and making Ward is likely both symbolic Designated villain and Anti-villain.