Waraabe is a Somalian commander in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. He worked with Vladimir Makarov in order to start WWIII in Europe. Waraabe's militia had sent toxic chemicals from Africa into Europe under Ultranationalist orders. The disavowed Task Force 141 then tracked him to home in Bosaso, Somalia and fought all of his guards until they cornered him in his office. After being hit in the leg, Waraabe was interrogated by Price and Soap under the threat of the gas that poisoned a number of European cities. The militia commander reasoned that his direct contact was a bomb-maker named Volk, who oversaw the deliveries in Paris. With the information they need, Price executes Waraabe for the "boys at Hereford" (the SAS casulaties who died from the chemical weapons that Waraabe sold).
Waraabe Death Scene- MW300:39

Waraabe Death Scene- MW3

Waraabe's interrogation.