Wang dahai
Wang Dahai is a character appearing in the Tenchu universe. He is an antagonist in Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins.

Along with his son Wang Xiaohai, Dahai was the leader of a criminal Chinese organization known as the Baolisung. The Baolisung assisted the Burning Dawn by kidnapping villagers and selling them as slave labor to Kagami and her followers. Dahai established a base of operations on Kubon Island.

Ayame was sent to the island to investigate reports of villagers who were vanishing. She made her way to the heart of the island, eliminating many Baolisung and Burning Dawn soldiers along the way. At last she came to the fortress that Dahai used as both a jail and home, and after freeing the villagers she was confronted by Dahai, who was furious at her for releasing those he had kidnapped. The two proceeded to duel, in which he displayed incredible mastery of swordplay. The fight was brutal, but his skills were not enough and he was killed by the young kunoichi.