Walter The Softy in a relatively rare moment of actually beating his nemesis.

Walter the "Softy" is an on-and-off villain from the Beano comic strip "Dennis the Menace" (not to be confused with its American counter-part) and was originally a timid and rather effeminate boy who Dennis would terrorize, yet even in the early days writers depicted Walter as being vindictive and cruel, however his evil acts were limited due to his extreme cowardly nature.

In an effort to try and soften the image of Dennis and prevent what some saw as a "thug" appearance Walter was given a more solid role as Dennis' rival in later additions to the series and has even been an outright antagonist at times, though he does tend to end up paying for his misdeeds: he and Dennis can also work together and even show signs of friendship when not fighting one another.

In general Walter and Dennis' feud can be seen as that of children, however Walter has committed some very unpleasant acts in efforts to get revenge on Dennis and can be rather snobbish as well: he is very manipulative and he is known to happily bully anyone weaker or more cowardly than himself (unfortunately for Walter very few people are weaker or more cowardly than himself).