Be a nose. Be a nose!
~ Walter Paisley
Walter Paisley is by no means a quintessential villain, but he did commit some heinous acts in an effort to gain the favor of a few beatniks in the coffee shop that he worked in.

Paisley, portrayed by Dick Miller, spends each night catering to vain, pseudo-cultured 'artists' who could care less for him. Excepting Carla, a regular at the coffee shop who is the only person who consistently treats Walter with some respect. Walter himself is somewhat of a hapless, clumsy dullard. Walter displays behaviors that are characteristic of an individual with a developmental disability. Being highly impressionable, he appears to have no principles of his own and a defective moral compass. His sense of right and wrong is entirely socially constructed.

Walter is impressed by the words of a poet, Maxwell Brock, who goes so far as to say that art is more important than the lives of human beings. Unfortunately, Walter takes this advice to heart. Walter is an aspiring sculptor who has zero artistic talent. He attempts to make the face of Carla, his muse. When he fails, he throws the clay around. Hearing his landlady's cat, Frankie, trapped in the wall, the attempts to cut open the wall with a knife. Instead, he accidentally stabs the cat. To hide the evidence, he covers the cat corpse in clay.