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TA-DA! Sorry I wasn't with you. Please come in! Come in! Well, as much a magician holds a rabbit in his hand, we'll be working together, yes. But allow me to introduce myself.
~ Mabry to the Horsemen, as he meets them for the first time

Walter Mabry is one of the two main antagonists of the 2016 film Now You See Me 2 alongside Arthur Tressler. He is a technological prodigy tycoon, a business leader, a science admirer and the son of banker and business leader Arthur Tressler himself.

He was portrayed by Daniel Radcliffe, who is known for playing Harry Potter and admits that he has felt fulfilled in portraying this character due to this being the very first time the actor has ever portrayed a villain.


When the four main characters called The Four Horsemen and their leader Dylan Rhodes secretly arranged for a robbery to be committed against Walter Mabry's father Arthur Tressler of his money from his bank account, it was perceived by Walter Mabry to have been them having managed to have also stolen money from him as well, and plotted revenge along with his father. Walter Mabry had a business partner named Owen Case, who took over complete leadership of Mabry's company for his own reasons. Walter Mabry faked his death (an idea he got from one of The Four Horsemen) and planned a way to get back at Owen for it as well. He came up with a perfect plan for it in which he would use The Four Horsemen as a means of managing to do so and to obtain a technological data chip called "The Stick".



  • Walter Mabry is the main antagonist because, even though both he and his father came up with the plan to get revenge on The Four Horsemen, Walter was the one driving the plot, was far more active and had bigger plans than his father did.
  • Walter is similar to Vector Perkins from Despicable Me:
    • They are geniuses with unlimited access to technology.
    • They served as the main antagonists while their fathers served as the secondary antagonists.
    • They were arch-rivals to the main protagonists (Vector: Gru, Walter: The Four Horsemen).
    • They are both incredibly smart, wealthy and competent, but also arrogant.
  • He is also similar to Chester V from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, which was released the same year as the first movie:
    • They are introduced in a sequel
    • They are the main antagonist
    • They are tech magnates.
    • They both used the protagonists to attain their goals (Chester V used Flint to gain control of the FLDSMDFR, and Walter used The Four Horsemen to attain The Stick and get revenge on his former partner, Owen Case, for betraying him).
    • They are sophisticated and wealthy, but also rather egotistical.
    • They started out as rather friendly to the protagonists, but turned out to be against them.

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