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Walt Camby is the true main antagonist of the 2016 film Money Monster.

He was portrayed by Dominic West.


He is introduced in the show and discussed with Lee for the problems. After this, he is rich thanks for the hacker he revealed one mayor corrupt South African and he is responsible for the loss of the money of Kyle Budwell and is planning to have IBIS make an investment of $800 million platinum mine, while the Union was on strike and he takes advantage of the strike to steal those $800 million of money.

If the plan had succeeded, IBIS would generate a multi-billion-dollar profit when work resumed at the mine and the stock of the mine owner would have risen. The move backfired when the union remained on the picket line. Kyle takes the explosive belt and puts it at Walt then Kyle you shoot so that the police then kills the police stops and imprisons Walt.

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