Wally is the leader of the Deerfield Aztecs from The Tick. He and his team of Aztecs attempt to make life miserable for the Tick and his friends.

Evil deeds

Wally is the team captain of what used to be a little league baseball team. After his team crash landed in the ancient home of Aztecs in Mexico, Wally decided to live as the actual historic Aztecs did. Unfortunately, his source of information on Aztecs was extremely unreliable. He and his team, the Deertown Aztecs, regularly raided the concession stands of the tourist area at the Aztec pyramids at night. He orders his team members to capture Carmelita, who used to be the shortstop on their team, so that he can force her to marry him. The Aztecs capture Arthur instead by mistake. Wally attempts to force Arthur to marry a capyabara, later named Speak by the Tick, and launch them into a volcano as sacrifice.

Fortunately, the Tick saves Speak by accident, and Carmelita leaps out of the plane and rescues Arthur with her flying siut. The Aztecs then bring Carmelita and Arthur back to Wally. Arthur is imprisoned. Wally tries to impress Carmelita and convince her to marry him, but she is not ammused by his antics. The Tick comes to rescue his friends, but Wally drags Carmelita into the ruins. The Tick rescues Arthur and the Aztec's coach from the dungeon, and Carmelita knocks Wally out. The Tick sends Wally and his cohorts to the authorities.