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Wallace Breen (or also known as The Boss) is the main antagonist of the Half-Life 2 comedic mod Dayhard. He is voiced by Ray Anthony.


In the introduction, Wallace Breen is at a conference with George W. Bush however the place is attacked by his army of Combine Metrocops. George W. Bush is then killed by Breen's henchman, The Englishman.

Later in the game, the two main characters Morgan Freeman (the brother of Gordon Freeman) and his friend Jack arrive at Breen's headquarters in which is a Combine facility. When they enter inside disguised as Metrocops, they spot Breen alongside the Englishman. After defending the building from attacking antlions and managing to break into Breen's office, Morgan sets out to Breen's underground headquarters to kill him.

As Morgan makes his way through mazes in "Breen's cave" Breen begins taunting Morgan along the way. Morgan then confronts Breen, who is inside a wall painted like a demon and begins firing rockets at him. After firing rockets inside the monster, Breen gets blown up and falls to his apparent death.


Wallace Breen uses a modified model of the character from Half-Life 2. However this Breen is slightly younger looking in appearance, with brown hair and a brown beard, unlike his white hair in the actual game. He wears the same brown coat and black turtleneck sweater, and also dons an eye patch.

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