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Walken is one of the main antagonists of the Manga and Oav series Baoh, he is a giant psychic assassin working for Doress and the last member of the Skookum Tribe of Native-American.


After the defeat of the assassin Dorudo, Kasuminome called the latter to execute him and ensure that the Sumire is kept in her cell.

He confronted Baoh who was trying to save the girl, during the fight Walken showed to be fisically stronger than Baoh, however he easily went down when one of Baoh blades sliced a part of his brain.

Some moments later he managed to recover, enraged by the fact that Baoh was escaping he used his psychic powers to kill every scientists on his way and fought with Baoh again, but he is finally killed by Baoh lazer cannon along with Kasuminome and his assistant.



  • He is similiar to the character Tarkus from Jojo Bizzarre Adventures.

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