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Walice's Father is a posthumous character from the Extinctioners media - he is the biological father of the young superhuman that would grow into the controversial anti-hero, Forcewave and had a severely negative effect on the development of his son.


Walice's Father seemed to have been a cruel and abusive mustelid, fueled by drink and drugs - suggesting he had emotional problems of his own but could not cope properly.

Despite these warning signs he fathered at least three children to a seemingly loving wife who began to worry for him, going as far as confronting him over his habits one fateful night.

Already known to be aggressive something snapped in the male and he began to viciously beat his wife to the point a 13 year old Walice had to fight him, fearing he would kill her.

Apparently driven temporarily insane Walice's father began to beat Walice just as savagely, triggering his son's telekinetic powers for the first time as Walice - desperate to keep the larger male from killing him or his mother, blasted the violent male across the room.

Walice's father would die of his injuries and his wife, despite the attack, came to his side and went as far as fearing Walice for what he had done, causing the boy to flee from home out of guilt.


  • Walice's Father is similar to Brian Banner, the abusive father of Hulk and like him haunted his son long after his physical demise.