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Waldoughs is name of a brutal race of bipedal walruses known for their tusks, different mustaches, obese and walk slowly in the Donkey Kong series.

Physical Appearance

The commom Waldoughs is light-brown with a blonde mustache, wears a striped pants in green light and dark made with a rope.


Showing by viking ships bows, pull ropes switches, shields, walrus skull with crossbones in explosive barrels and leader; the Snowmads was composed for Waldoughs group conquesting lands and manipulating its inhabitants to expand more the tribe Snowmad becoming primary antagonists of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.


Waldoughs will basically hurt the Kongs with a shove and laugh in his physical act and punch from behind.


This specie can be physically defeated three times, but they can be defeated in time throwing something or Rambi's attacks.

List of Waldoughs

  • Lord Fredrik
  • Walbrick
  • Walnut
  • Chum Chucker Charlie
  • Fish Poker Pops


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