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 Walden Macnair was a Death Eater and he fought in the First War in the wizarding world, and rather than be sent to Azkaban was apparently redeemed by saying Voldemort blackmailed him. Macnair was employed by the Ministry of Magic and used as their executioner for dangerous beasts such as Dragons. He however remained loyal to Voldemort and would return to him in the Rebirth. Macnair appeared with the other Death Eaters and he thanked Voldemort for saying he would soon be killing Muggles rather than beasts. Also, Macnair was assigned to approach the giants on Voldemort's orders and recruit them to his side. He got Golgomath to usurp Karkas and join Voldemort. Hagrid had a grudge against Macnair because he was the executioner who was going to kill Buckbeak, and Hagrid saw Macnair arrange the giant conflict. Macnair also fought the Battle of Hogwarts, and Hagrid defeated him.

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