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Wakka was a gigantic Gawtrybe leader who Martin had to fight to pass through his forest. Wakka was shown to be a formidable fighter, and aggressive for a squirrel.


Wakka ambushed Martin proudly in the middle of a clearing and he was the first Gawtrybe squirrel to show any outright intentional harm to the troupe. Wakka dismissed Grumm, Rose, Pallum and the Gawtrybe and said it was between him and Martin to decide who would leave who alone. Wakka, hence his name, went wacko, rushing out at Martin with his fangs, teeth and strength and biting Martin on the shoulder, and raking his fur. They battled fiercely, until Martin managed to knock Wakka senseless several times and he left him unconscious, sitting still in the middle of the clearing.

He was one of the few honourable Redwall villains given that he showed no fear at all even on defeat. Also, in a move somewhat unusual for a Redwall book, Wakka could be seen as like a boss from a videogame.