You thought Mr. Boddy was dead. But why? None of you even met him until tonight.
~ Wadsworth revealing he is the real Mr. Boddy and his true nature to the guests
Good shot, Green. Very good.
~ Wadsworth's last words

Wadsworth is the hidden true main antagonist of the 1985 cult-classic film, Clue (according to the movie's third ending) His real name is Mr. Boddy, an expert extortionist who runs a network of spies and informants.

He was voiced by the legendary British actor who is best known for portraying many villainous roles and the characters in the film, Tim Curry, who also played Maestro Forte, Emperor Palpatine, General Von Talon, PennywiseDrakeEl MaleficoDr. Frank-N-Furter, Ben Ravencroft, Hexxus, Kilokahn, and Taurus Bulba.


Mr. Boddy runs a network of spies, who help him gather private information about the private lives of several people connected to the United States government. He then blackmails the person for large sums of money.

Mr. Boddy cleverly comes up with a plan to disguise himself as a butler named Wadsworth. He then invites six of his victims to a mansion for a dinner party. He also employs his spies to aid him in his scheme, posing as a cook, a maid, a cop, a motorist, and a singing telegram girl. He also forces HIS butler (likely the REAL Wadsworth) to pose as Mr. Boddy and mislead his victims. He even fabricates a story about his wife committing suicide as a result of Mr. Boddy's blackmail.

The party turns sour when the guests are given weapons, and someone tries and kills the fake Mr. Boddy. This leads to a night of murder, as each one of the undercover spies are killed off one by one. The group works together to try and solve the mystery, with Wadsworth appointing himself as leader of the group. After six murders, Wadsworth claims he knows who the killer is, but first explains HOW it was done.

Little by little more truth is revealed. The guests find out that everyone who died was a spy for Mr. Boddy, and who they spied on. At the very end of the movie, it's revealed that all but one of the guests is a murderer, each one killing the informant who gave Mr. Boddy information on them personally. When the guests can't figure who killed the final victim, Wadsworth reveals that he did. He then reveals the truth and thanks his victims for killing all his spies so there is no evidence against him.

However, right as Mr. Boddy reveals he will continue to blackmail them, the one innocent guest pulls a revolver out of his pocket and kills him. The guest reveals he is an FBI agent and the others guests are under arrest. 

Other Endings

Although the above plot is considered "What REALLY happened". the movie has two alternate endings. One includes Wadsworth revealing he is an FBI agent himself and arresting Miss Scarlett, while the other includes Wadsworth being an ordinary butler with Mrs. Peacock being revealed to as the killer.

A fourth ending was devised but never used, in which Wadsworth killed all of the victims in an attempt to become the perfect murderer, having failed to be both the perfect husband or butler. He also reveals that he had the guests drink poisoned champagne to leave not witnesses, before the police break in and arrest him. However, he manages to break free and escape in a police car, only to be attacked by three police dogs in the back seat.