The Vysari are a intelligent but hostile species in Aidan Trait's webcomic Positoss. They were designed by his friend Ben Trewhella, lead by the Shadow. They lived in the universe prior to ours.


A vysari's limbs and head are covered in spikes, stand usually anywhere above 10.3 feet tall and are covered in glowing glass-like markings. Vysari also have long tails with blades/clubs on the end depending on subspecies.

They're thought to be extinct but tiny pieces of vysari in the form of dust can be found almost anywhere, meaning that if anyone had a cloning device on them they could easily be resurrected.

Vysaris are known for spreading terror and destruction with no real goal but some can be vengeful if a family member or friend has been killed, grieving vysaris are often the most dangerous.

Types of vysari

  1. The Shadow: The almighty ruler of all vysari.
  2. Canq: Tall vysari, control all vysari below its status. Report directly to the Shadow. Only 5 have ever been found.
  3. Resij: Leaders of tribes, usually with purple stripes across their heads.
  4. Torik: Giant vysari, hulking masses of muscle and spikes.
  5. Yavik: The opposite of Torik, although not very powerful in terms of strength make up for it with speed and agility.
  6. Arium: The smallest of the vysari, stealthy and cunning.