Vyndktvx is a DC supervillain and enemy of Superman, he is a 5th dimension imp and thus shares the same omnipotent abilities as the more famous Mr. Mxyzptlk and Qwsp.


Vyndktvx was one of three children born to the Queen of Brpzx.

After his mother's death, he was sent away, but became a court magician, lauded for his meticulous and highly-logical tricks.

When these were passed over by the king in favor of Mxyzptlk's more chaotic and fanciful style - and even worse, when this won the heart of the princess - it caused Vyndktvx to go mad with jealousy.

Breaking into a weapons storage facility, the imp stole a set of armaments, including a cloak of hiding and a spear-of-infinite-heads.

He struck out in the night at a shape wearing Mxyzptlk's iconic hat, but struck the wrong man and murdered the king.

With horrific scarring on his left arm, Vyndktvx worked fast to obscure his crime, first by disposing of the witnesses - putting Mxyzptlk in a glass coffin and forcing Nyxlygsptlnz into exile - and then attempting to dispose of the evidence - namely, Mxyzptlk's stories of costumed champions, and his prize trick, "Superman".