Vyce Bozeck
Heel, Ravness, you yap like the mongrel you are!
~ Vyce upon murdering Dame Ravness.

Vyce is an anti-hero from Tactics Ogre, who can also act as a major antagonist to players who pick a "chaotic" story, he is a bloodthirsty and arrogant character regardless of choice but via picking the "chaotic" story Vyce is made into a full-blown villain and must be faced by his former friends.

The descent into madness begins when the player chooses to oppose Sir Leonar's demand to kill the slaves and laborers of Balmamusa, causing them to become "chaotic" - Vyce is quick to betray his former friends and side with Leonar in the massacre, he shows deep hatred of the group he once sided with and even goes as far as murdering Dame Ravness in cold-blood after she condemns the massacre and warns they would pay for their crimes, firing a crossbow at her and mocking her as a "mongrel" due to her mixed race heritage.

After this fateful moment Vyce becomes the leader of the Third Spear in the Duke's castle and pursues the hero across the land, who is now a fugitive for going against the Duke's orders.