Vultureman was a villain in the 1985 incarnation of Thundercats. An anthropomorphic vulture, Vultureman was a member of the Mutants from the planet Plunn-Darr.

Vultureman was not a crewman on the original Mutant ship that pursued the Thundercats to Third Earth. Rather he joined the Mutants on Third Earth sometime after their first ship landed on that planet.

Vultureman was considered to be "the brains of the operation." Being a master mechanic and inventor, Vultureman invented many of the weapons and technologies the Mutants used in their fight against the Thundercats.

Vultureman was ambitious and somewhat open minded for a villain. As such he was willing to go off on his own or work with other groups to achieve his goals, such as the Lunataks.

Villainous inventions

  • Wolfrat - Espionage unit used by the Mutants to infiltrate and destroy Cat's Lair and shrink the ThunderCats with shrinking gas in "The Wolfrat."
  • Voice Imitator - Megaphone-like device used to perfectly imitate ThunderCats' (and Mutants') voices in "Divide and Conquer."
  • Superpower Potion - Chemical potion used by Vultureman to become super powerful and take over Third Earth personally in "Superpower Potion."
  • Shifter - Gun used to "shift," or switch, the bodies and personalities of two individuals in "The Shifter."
  • Sonic Gun - Cannon with destructive sonic powers, powered by a legendary Sound Stone in "The Sound Stones."
  • Thundrainium Projector - Massive ray cannon used to fire pure Thundrainium at the ThunderCats, which weakens them, in "Vultureman's Revenge."
  • Telepathy Beam - Large machine with the ability to send false visions to Cheetara's telepathic Sixth Sense in "The Telepathy Beam."
  • Rosencrantz Medallion - Not technically an invention, it once belonged to Zaxx, a rival of Mumm-Ra, but Vultureman obtained it in an attempt to defeat Mumm-Ra and rule the universe in "The Zaxx Factor."